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FOX Business
Apr 22, 2013 7:00pm EDT
in the nation legally, dzhokhar's older brother, tamerlan who was killed friday morning was a lawful permanent resident, one of the two told a carjacking victim thursday night they were the boston marathon bombers, a search of dzhokhar's umass dartmouth dorm room turned up a hat and jacket corne jack y suspect number 2. tsarnaev remains hospitalized at beth israel hospital with gunshot wounds to his head, neck, legs and hands, authorities believe one was sev-inflicted in -- self-inflectioned in a botched suicide attempt. >> canadian authorities announcing in connection with fbi they have broken up a terrorist plot to blow up a passenger train and bridge somewhere between toronto and u.s. border. a ballot they believe had ties to al qaeda overseas. >> the individuals were receiving support from al qaeda elements located in iran, i can tell you, this there is no information to indicate that these attacks were state sponsored. lou: the royal mounted canadian police stressing at no point during the invest visio investie public in danger. lou: we bin with the investigation of boston marathon bombin
FOX Business
Apr 19, 2013 7:00pm EDT
boston marathon bombing. his brother tamerlan tsarnaev is dead and the boston area was under a lockdown and tell one hour ago urged jews stayed behind locked doors and told they were given the all clear to leave their homes. the largest shutdown in the history of any metropolitan area. here is the timeline. 10:20 p.m. last night and armed robbery reeorted at a 711 near the m.i.t. campus shortly after police received reports of shots fired on the campus. police responded to the scene and discovered in may t. campus police officer john collier shot in his car and was transported where he was pronounced dead. then the brothers hijacked a car then released him unharmed and a gas station but then less than one hour later it after it adjacent to the boston suburb during that chase a suspected terrorist reportedly threw explosives from a car at 1251 dozens of gunshots was reported by a bystanders as the s.w.a.t. team moved and. [gun shots] tamerlan tsarnaev was hit and again trigger was found on his body as he went into custody and was pronounced dead a short time later. his younger brother dz
FOX Business
Apr 23, 2013 7:00pm EDT
is reconstructing tamerlan tsarnaev six months in russia. lou: a scathing new report by five house republican committees blames former secretary of state hillary clinton for the failure to protect our consulates and benghazi from a tax of a month ago. the 46 page report issued after months of gathering testimony cites a cable from as early as the 19th of april last year bearing signature with an acknowledgement of a request for more security but approving reductions of facilities and benghazi instead and it includes the obama administration reaction what was called mac a concerted attempt to insulate the department of state from blame following the attacks" end quote. the report's release comes as more than half house republicans are pushing house speaker john painter to create a select committee to investigate the september attack and benghazi. critics attack last night's talk talk imagine that. one that we detail the unanswered questions around illegal immigration we will take that up with the advocacy group that tries to appear so pristine and purer and above politics and we will examine t
FOX Business
Apr 19, 2013 10:00pm EDT
brother tamerlan tsarnaev but the younger brother was out of the field there was no record of friends and people who knew him said he was nice and quiet. became as a bit of a surprise. greta: why did they come to the united states i know that dzhokar tsarnaev was granted asylum and became a u.s. citizen by the you know, why they came? >> and their family was fleeing chechnya and moved around to in the air early '90s but it is unclear. greta: no evidence either radicalized there is no social media or ranting about the united states at all? >> there is some signs they may have held in regression but it seems benign and they seemed like normal people. >> looking at the picture of the rather taken into custody kinsey he is injured on the stretcher. so to look into the older brother has backcountry been identified? why not? been a kid has not been identified to the best of our knowledge. said he was said to have some type of connection to some radicalized group and had some contact but it is not clear. >> do we know how much follow-through we did? is it the in festive -- aggressive invest
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)